Our goal is to be one of the leading clothing and riding gear brand on the Downhill, Freeride, Enduro & Slopestyle Mountain Biking scene.

We want to be an awesome brand without any compromise on our identity.

Stunning designs and the love of riding our bikes without boundaries is what drives us!

Therefore we’re looking for talented riders - aligned with our brand identity and DNA - to join us in order to help us promote our brand so we can achieve our goal to become one of the main mountain bike brand.

We have two sponsorship plans: The Official Gravity Clothing Co. Riders Plan & The Gravity Clothing Co. Ambassador Plan.

The Official Gravity Clothing Co. Riders Plan is only applicable for riders in the top 5 of their class on a National level.

The Gravity Clothing Co. Ambassador Plan is for national or regional  intermediate riders who are passionate about shooting mountain bike photos / videos and about sharing their adventures.

The deal is simple: in exchange of discount codes, we ask our riders to send us media content (photos or videos)  that we can use to post them on our social media channels, on our website or for marketing purpose.

Having a big social media presence is a plus in order to catch our attention.

Obviously, we also ask our Gravity Clothing Co. riders to spread the word about our brand with the mountain bike community at events, races, and whenever it is appropriate.

How does that sounds? Wanna join the Gravity Clothing Co. family?

If you believe you’re a good fit to be one of our riders, please send us your application at

You application must be presented in a professional manner and include the following:

  • Name, Age, Where you live and where you ride
  • A cover letter
  • One photo
  • Links to your social media pages / profiles

As you can imagine, we receive a lot of emails from riders looking for sponsorship, therefore we can't answer everybody.

But don't worry, keep pushing your mountain bike efforts, and get back to us as you improve.


The Gravity Clothing Co. Team