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About Us


First of all, we want to thank you for stoping by our website.

Before you go any further, we're gonna tell you a few words about Gravity.


For Riders, By Riders.


Inspired by the love of riding bikes, we decided to create Gravity because we felt like all the other brands didn’t quite represented us and what gravity riding was all about.

For us, riding bikes is not (only) about racing, championships, timings, etc.

We believe it’s all about the lifestyle, the fun we have riding bikes with our friends, having a beer after a huge session and sharing the good times we had while planning the next party!


We don’t always follow the usual track. Sometimes, we just say “There’s no track? No problem, let’s Freeride that!”


How does it feel to ride lines only a few people can ride; or to hit jumps only very few riders can hit?

If you're like us, we bet you love the joy and emotions you feel when you ride gravity.

Whether it is Downhill, Freeride, Enduro or Slopestyle, we love it all!

That being said, go and have a look at our various MTB inspired apparel and riding jerseys and pick the on you love ;)


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The Gravity Team.


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