About Us

How And Why Did It All Started.


Here we are getting our stuff ready and our bike dialed for a weekend getaway at our closest bike park.


This is when it hit us. The apparel brands we were packing didn’t totally reflect who we were.

Even though they were OK, we were just not in love with them.



That’s when we started to brainstorm about what kind of brand it would be cool to have. A brand that really reflected who we are and what we do.


Because let’s face it,  what we do is not common and never will be.


The trails we ride are some of the gnarliest out there.

The jumps we hit? Well, only (very) few people will dare to ever hit them.

Freedom and adrenaline is what drives us.


So, as for our rides, we decided to go for it and launch Gravity Clothing with one motto: For Riders By Riders.


We found the best suppliers and hired the most creative designers to create what we had in mind.


The result: clean yet explicit designs printed and stitched on premium quality tees, hats and hoodies!


Soon after the launch, we had clients and awesome testimonials flowing in from riders all over the world!


Wow. Looks like we were not the only ones looking for a fresh new indie brand focused on gravity mountain biking! :)


These feedbacks gave us a huge boost to push forward and we came up with new designs and also launched our very first riding jersey ;)


The good news is, it’s still only the beginning!


We’re working hard to come up with some crazy new stuff in the near future. Among other things and new products, a freeride movie is about to be prepared… (stay tuned for that ;) )


In the meantime, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


And head over to our collection page to get your hand on one of our exclusive tee, snapback hat or hoodie.

In the meantime, Cheers!



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