Gravity Tribe Jersey
Gravity Tribe Jersey
Gravity Tribe Jersey
Gravity Tribe Jersey
Gravity Tribe Jersey
Gravity Tribe Jersey

Gravity Tribe Jersey

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Wanna Show Off How You Shred Trails?

We've got you covered!

Are you the kind of guy who rides bikes like only very few can? 

Who hits jumps and drops like that no regular man will dare to hit? 

Only true riders can understand.

We ride our bikes to a level that provides freedom, adrenaline, and unique experiences. 

When we are out there, we don’t have any rules or limitations.

That feeling of doing things only very few people dare to do is unique. For sure, you can relate that feeling.

But the thing is, if you’re wearing standard riding gear like everyone else; nobody will know what kind of person and rider you truly are.

With our Gravity Tribe Jersey, you’ll immediately stand out from the crowd. 

Imagine people instantly noticing you’re the kind of guy who rides Downhill, Slopestyle or Enduro at a high level. Nice, right?

With our explicit, yet simple design, everybody will know you’re serious about gravity Mountain Biking.


Important notice:

what this shirt will not do is giving you instant superpowers to ride like Aaron Gwin or Loic Bruni. You’ll still have to train like crazy if you want to become a top rider!

But you’ve been warned, our Gravity Tribe jersey will definitely make you stand out from the pack! 

Will you dare to?

Click the Add to Cart button above if you do.



  • PERFECT FIT - Our EU Made, High Grade Bike Jersey Comes in Multiple Sizes in a High Vis Orange Color, Ensuring You Get the Best Fit & Visibility Possible.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Our Top is Made From 100% Polyester Material. It's Breathable & Lightweight Ensuring You Stay in Cool Condition While You Cycle.
  • FEEL GREAT - Our Light, Comfortable, Outdoor Top is Perfect for Biking, Adding an Extra Warm Layer in Cold Winter Weather or A Great Light Top in Summer.






Measurements in inches:

Small 20.9 27.6
Medium 22.4 28.1
Large 23.2 29.7
X-Large 24.0 31.1


Measurements in cm:

    Small 53,0 cm 70,0 cm
    Medium 57,0 cm 71,5 cm
    Large 59,0 cm 75,5 cm
    X-Large 61,0 cm 79,0 cm





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