Tees And Hoodies: An Honest Review

Gravity Clothing Co. was the only brand I wanted to work with when I set out on a mission to get sponsored. Their approach on their social media mirrored mine, and their products looked good. The simple design really appealed to me - I'm not really one for skulls or weird patterns - I like simple. Minimal. Gravity Clothing Co.'s 'Original' series of products is exactly that. So when I got the phone call from Benoit, I was absolutely thrilled to be working with them.


Gravity Clothing Co. Hoodie

However, I must admit I'd not actually tested any of their products. Although there's plans to be producing products in Europe soon, Gravity Clothing Co. currently prices in US Dollars, and ships from the USA. That meant that I'd always dodged the option of buying due to my own perception of expensive shipping costs. That meant when I put my first order in after agreeing to work as a Gravity Clothing Co. rider, I was somewhat ordering blind. I couldn't guarantee that the products would be decent quality and I'd had bad experiences with products in the past.


Gravity Clothing Co. - On the Track


When the products arrived, I was delighted. I expected the sizing to potentially be a little off (as it usually is with small companies) and the quality to be just acceptable. What I received was above and beyond that. The fit was great and the quality was brilliant.


Gravity Clothing Co. 3/4 Sleeves Raglan Tee


I have to say, Gravity Clothing Co. gear is a great cut. It simply fits exactly as expected. In fact, of all the hoodies I own (from all sorts of different brands), the Gravity Clothing Co. one fits the best. It's almost as if it's designed to be ridden in. The sleeves are narrow and there's no loose material to get in the way. The body is long enough to cover my back, even when riding, but not so long that it gets caught on the seat. The tee is no different. The fit is spot on.

What's even more impressive is that I've found myself riding in them. For someone who usually wears jerseys for their wicking properties, wearing t-shirts and hoodies is a pretty big deal. On some of the colder days they've been a welcome addition to keep me warm, but they've not been overly warm on sunnier rides either. How that's managed I've no idea, but the reality is I'm not always riding in jerseys anymore.



My first order of products from Gravity Clothing Co. have taken a bit of a hammering since they arrived. In the months I've been riding in the tops, I've taken a couple of good spills. After the biggest, muddiest crash I've ever had on a bike I expected to be looking down at a shredded shoulder. When I did take a look, the material stood up well to the meeting with the floor and, aside from the mud, was completely as it was before the crash. Throwing it in the washing machine that night, I was then expecting to find I'd got the first stain on my new kit. After all, it was a decent crash in plenty of mud. Again, I was impressed when the hoodie came out of the wash as new.


Gravity Clothing Co. - Small jump

Of course, I've dropped back into jerseys for some of the longer rides where their wicking properties do outweigh the cotton make-up of the hoodie, or the poly-cotton material of the tee, but the overwhelming feeling is that I've found a t-shirt and hoodie that I'm more than comfortable riding in, fits exactly like it should, and looks awesome whilst it's on. I'd thoroughly recommend them and only wish I'd bought them sooner.


Author: Lewis Bell

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