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The Pursuit Of Perfection

 Being faster is something we all strive for, I'm sure. Beating a mate to the bottom puts a smile on the face of even the most humblest of riders. I'm just the same. The strive for speed is real and my intention is always to be quicker than last time. More recently, especially on some of the more gnarly trails, I've been quietly confident with the speed I'm able to pick up. What's not so good is that my mind slows me down. Before I realise, I'm feathering the brakes and killing off all that hard earned speed. Subconsciously, I think I'm worried about crashing. More and more my mind tells me to slow down for fear of a...

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Why I Bike

As a kid I used to love anything extreme. Skateboarding, rock-climbing, motocross, bodyboarding, BMX... You get the idea. We used to spend as much time as possible outside doing things that would push us. Wheelies off walls that were half our size was a norm. Building sketchy jumps for our motocross bikes was an everyday experience. I had a great childhood. Over the years, I lost touch with much of this. I played tennis for a while and then even stopped with the more typical sports. I went to college and then to university and put a lot of effort into my studies. In my spare time I worked and occasionally managed to get in the sea with the board....

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15 Items Every Mountain Biker Should Pack

  As a trail rider I sometimes find myself out on longer journeys with plenty of distance between me and the nearest local bike shop. Whilst there's plenty of stuff that I can't fix trail side (bent rotors and buckled wheels have cut rides short for me before), I like to think that I'm pretty well set up for most things a trail can throw at me. With that in mind, here are 15 things my trail pack include.   1. A bag. Obviously, ever rider needs a decent trail pack, complete with hydration bladder. The Osprey Raptor is my chosen bag, storing up to 3 litres of water and with a tool wrap to boot. It's a sturdy little...

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Lights, Camera, Action

Filming my escapades is a somewhat of a new hobby. It's awesome to be able to look back on rides and know that I'll progress from there, or that I've grown from the last one. The first edit I made properly was about this time last year. I remember it because the snowdrops had just bloomed in the local woods. Since then, I've come on loads as a rider, and as a 'filmmaker'. I've developed into a fairly confident rider. I no longer look at features and worry; I look and think logically about how to tackle them best. Sure, I still crash. And of course there's stuff I look at and walk away rather than hitting it, but all...

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Tees And Hoodies: An Honest Review

Gravity Clothing Co. was the only brand I wanted to work with when I set out on a mission to get sponsored. Their approach on their social media mirrored mine, and their products looked good. The simple design really appealed to me - I'm not really one for skulls or weird patterns - I like simple. Minimal. Gravity Clothing Co.'s 'Original' series of products is exactly that. So when I got the phone call from Benoit, I was absolutely thrilled to be working with them.   However, I must admit I'd not actually tested any of their products. Although there's plans to be producing products in Europe soon, Gravity Clothing Co. currently prices in US Dollars, and ships from the...

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