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Tees And Hoodies: An Honest Review

Downhill Enduro Gravity Clothing Co. Hoodie Hoodies Mountain Bike Mountain Bike Trails Photo shoot Product review Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Bronson Tee Tees Thoughts on Gravity Thoughts on Gravity Clothing Co. Trail Trails

Gravity Clothing Co. was the only brand I wanted to work with when I set out on a mission to get sponsored. Their approach on their social media mirrored mine, and their products looked good. The simple design really appealed to me - I'm not really one for skulls or weird patterns - I like simple. Minimal. Gravity Clothing Co.'s 'Original' series of products is exactly that. So when I got the phone call from Benoit, I was absolutely thrilled to be working with them.   However, I must admit I'd not actually tested any of their products. Although there's...

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Fashion Meets Function with the New Gravity Hoodie

Downhill Freeride Gravity Hoodie Hoodies Mountain Bike MTB

Every serious downhill rider should wear appropriate riding gear and protection while riding on the mountain. These help to keep the rider safe since a ride can get dangerous and one fall could damage your bike, body or both. In the same way that this gear is intended to keep a rider safe, the right apparel is designed with the same mission. Once all of the essentials are packed up it’s time to get dressed, and that’s where Gravity Downhill comes in. What Is Gravity Downhill? Gravity is comprised of some of the best counter culture designers who have worked...

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