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Fashion Meets Function with the New Gravity Hoodie

Every serious downhill rider should wear appropriate riding gear and protection while riding on the mountain. These help to keep the rider safe since a ride can get dangerous and one fall could damage your bike, body or both. In the same way that this gear is intended to keep a rider safe, the right apparel is designed with the same mission. Once all of the essentials are packed up it’s time to get dressed, and that’s where Gravity Downhill comes in. What Is Gravity Downhill? Gravity is comprised of some of the best counter culture designers who have worked together to create comfortable, functional and just plain sick hats, t-shirts and hoodies that are ideal for downhill mountain bikers....

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Gravity First Collection Launch

Hi, Welcome to our blog. We are very excited to release our initial collection!  But first, a few words about us. We are Downhill riders. It is our passion. We also love to ride Enduro to discover new places. We've allways wanted to share our passion. Hence we decided to create a clothing brand with designs inspired by the mountain bike culture. We did our best to create awesome designs that reflected what we love to do: Downhill Riding. Here is our logo: We currently sell t-shirts and hats. Hoodies and sunglasses are under development. All of our products are made in the U.S. and directly shiped from Los Angeles.You can visit our website at to have look at our current collection....

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