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Filming my escapades is a somewhat of a new hobby. It's awesome to be able to look back on rides and know that I'll progress from there, or that I've grown from the last one. The first edit I made properly was about this time last year. I remember it because the snowdrops had just bloomed in the local woods. Since then, I've come on loads as a rider, and as a 'filmmaker'.
I've developed into a fairly confident rider. I no longer look at features and worry; I look and think logically about how to tackle them best. Sure, I still crash. And of course there's stuff I look at and walk away rather than hitting it, but all in all I've grown loads. That's why I've decided to work on a filming project over the course of this year - I can now ride more trails with more confidence and offer a more entertaining video.
From something that simply started as a way to log my rides, into something that means I get to ride with my best mate (as well as some other awesome people from over the country) and help spread the mountain bike word. I couldn't be more happy to be part of the 'To The Trail' project. Over the course of the year, I'll be riding some of the UK's best trails and filming a bit of a guide to each one.
The process is a lot more involved than just setting up a few cameras and riding. As we're a small project it means that as well as riding, we're also shooting all our own footage and then editing it too. We're also responsible for the social media accounts, YouTube account and responding to any contact we get. It's quite a lot of work, and even more so considering I have a full time job outside of riding bikes.
What's great is that Gravity Clothing Co. are in touch with me and helping me out with some kit for each of the videos. It's really cool of them to be involved and I'm super stoked to be able to represent such an awesome brand in a video project.
If you're interested in checking out the project, click this link:
Author: Lewis Bell

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