Two New Riders Join the Gravity Downhill Team

The team at Gravity is very excited to welcome 2 new riders to the family in 2016. Irishman Kristof Rael and Frenchman Hugo Marin are proud to have joined Gravity for their respective upcoming seasons. Both young men are looking forward to an exciting year of competition and enjoying the force of the mountain while riding downhill, enduro, freeride and slopestyle. These young bucks are taking on 2016 with a vengeance and now they’ve got the Gravity team behind them. What is most exciting about these two new Gravity riders is that they’re still having fun on the mountain. Keep an eye on Hugo Marin and Kristof Rael because they’re going to be doing big things in the world of downhill and enduro in the coming years.

Young & Hungry: Hugo Marin

Of the two new family members, 17 year old Hugo Marin keeps his versatile riding style tight in hopes that this year brings success. Hugo can be found riding enduro, slopestyle and freeride, he has some fun plans for his upcoming year on the circuit. As far as bikes go, he can be found riding his Commencal AM 29 or NsBike’s Fuzz. For 2016, Marin is planning to compete at the BUS Downhill contest and is going to be involved in the creation of a bike park in Dordogne, France that will be open soon. His overall love for mountain biking fuels his drive to ride and this year he is taking the world of competitive mountain biking head on.


Hugo Marin

The Kid With Big Goals: Kristof Rael

Kristof Rael has been racing in both Downhill and Enduro for the past 8 years and has some big ideas for the upcoming season in 2016. Though he’s a young man Kristof Rael is taking this year extremely seriously after an injury set him back last year. In his past season Rael has been a 2 time regional champion and has brought home both 3rd and 5th in the National Championships. He is competing in every single round of the Irish Downhill Mountain Bike Series this year and has made a both serious and acquirable goal to rank in the Top 3 of each round. It is also on his list of goals for 2016 to become the Youth Irish Downhill Champion. Along with these competitions Kristof will also be competing at the German IXS Downhill Cup in Winterberg and the British Downhill Series in Revolution Bike Park. The young mountain biker plans to make it into the Top 5 of the first round of each competition. With goals like these at the ripe age of 16 Kristof Rael is sure to have a stellar year and a bright future. After quickly recovering from a collarbone injury in 2015 Kristof is ready to take on the downhill and enduro seasons with a 2015 Canyon Strive and a 2015 Carbon Kona Supreme Operator.


Kristof Rael

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