Fashion Meets Function with the New Gravity Hoodie

Every serious downhill rider should wear appropriate riding gear and protection while riding on the mountain. These help to keep the rider safe since a ride can get dangerous and one fall could damage your bike, body or both. In the same way that this gear is intended to keep a rider safe, the right apparel is designed with the same mission. Once all of the essentials are packed up it’s time to get dressed, and that’s where Gravity Downhill comes in.

What Is Gravity Downhill?

Gravity is comprised of some of the best counter culture designers who have worked together to create comfortable, functional and just plain sick hats, t-shirts and hoodies that are ideal for downhill mountain bikers. Along with their current line, Gravity is also designing prototypes of other technical gear; for now though,  let’s talk hoodies. The versatile hoodie was designed to keep a rider warm while maintaining their full range of motion. It is ideal for before, after and during a downhill or enduro session. Gravity has released two styles of hoodies to please the both the zip up and the pullover sweatshirt enthusiast. One features a metal zipper and the other option is just a regular pullover style hoodie, both are made with a 50% polyester and 50% cotton fleece Flex Fit fabric from American Apparel. Get the pullover in two colors and the zip up hoodie in just one color option.


The Original Hoodie

Enjoy the comfort of a kangaroo pocket made out of 100% California cotton with a hood that features a matching polyester drawstring and raglan sleeves. The classic hoodie is made by American Apparel which means that it is built to last as a staple in any wardrobe. It is entirely made in the United States with delicate care so it’s safe to assume that the stitching is built to last. The zip up comes in a color called Truffle which is a maroon type red, the pullover hoodie comes in both Navy blue and Truffle. Aside from all of the stats of this sweet hoodie the main reason it’s so great for downhill bikers is because it’s made by people who love downhill mountain biking. Gravity was created by downhill riders, for downhill riders; all out of a love for the sport. It can outlast other hoodies even when put through vigorous activity because it was designed to be used,  to be taken on adventures. That is why this hoodie is perfect for a lover of all things mountain biking; it was designed, manufactured and put in this world specifically for downhill and enduro riders.


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